Fashion is a choice. Please dress responsibly.

On the evening of Saturday, June 18, Akron’s flirty and chic boutique, NOTO, held its third annual fashion show, titled "Fashion is a Choice. Please dress responsibly." 

With a spectacular runway set up in the back of the NOTO alley, this night of fashion was one that every attending fashionista will not soon forget. This fashion event screamed with Soho Nolit-esque appeal, which couldn’t have been offset better with the warm summer breeze. 

While guests were greeted and handed complimentary NOTO tote bags, local bloggers were snapping photos of the night's most fabulously dressed fashionistas. As everyone waited in anticipation for the show to start, they were able to enjoy some light food and sip the exclusive NOTO cocktail, the Notini. 

Once it was time for the show to start, guests took their seats and anxiously awaited their first glimpses of the summer's fashion must-haves. The show opened with the littlest fashionista of the night, Lauren Wards’ beautiful daughter, Charolette. She was adorned in a pink tutu paired with a funky smiley face T-shirt and styled to perfection with a pink flower in her hair. Just moments after her exit, the first model appeared. The show was a mix of sophistication and funk, cutting edge with vintage and bold colors fused with tribal patterns. Model after model streamed down the runway transporting an entire summer collection that everyone would have to have. 

During the runway show, guests were delighted to see a collection of vintage garments from Sarah’s Laundry by Sarah Stannard. Sarah is a local blogger who has a brilliant fashion sense and a love for vintage clothing. Kye Bags by Kylene Brown were also displayed in the show as well as jewelry by Dogwood and Cookie Lee.

Once the show had ended, guests were able to make their way from the runway directly to the NOTO boutique. Once inside, the fashionistas of the night were overjoyed when they realized that they could purchase the exact outfits that had just been shown on the runway.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011